Website Launch: Pride and Joy Doula Services

It's been a really busy last few months for Liz Martin Creative. I'm thrilled to have been event planning, meeting new clients and developing new brands + websites! Today I am very excited for LMC client Amy Beseth and the launch of her new company Pride & Joy Doula Services, LLC. It was a true pleasure to work with Amy and help her bring her vision to life with a new brand identity/logo and website design. Amy provides doula services for her clients (new parents) through love, experience, compassion and non-judgement. Earlier I posted about the logo design process I developed for clients using Pride and Joy as an example.  I plan to post about our website design process now that Pride & Joy is live (and still growing)! Stay tuned for the blog and some beautiful new branding with another fantastic client I will be sharing soon!


About Amy: 

Hello, my name is Amy Beseth and I am the owner of Pride & Joy Doula Services, LLC. First and foremost I want to thank you for exploring what I can offer you and your family, as this business is a true labor of love.  I am a wife and mother to identical twins and a singleton. My journey to become a parent started with a challenge that so many face, infertility and miscarriage.  We followed a path towards adoption when I became pregnant in 2010 and then again in 2013. My pregnancies were filled with high risk labels, complications and bed rest.  I delivered 3 babies at 34 weeks.  

Though these pregnancies presented challenges - with out a doubt it was the most empowering and beautiful experience of my life.  In my work with Pride & Joy, I hope to support every family so they feel the same about their pregnancy and postpartum experience.  I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Family Social Science with an emphasis in Child Development through the University of MN. This set the stage of understanding the complexities that a new life can present to a family and how having non judgmental support is so important.   After having my own children the journey from pregnancy and postpartum became a passion.

We as mothers and fathers are capable of amazing things during this time and my hope is to help you recognize how wonderfully equipped you are, to support and celebrate you and to help you feel confident, prepared and honored in your new role. ----Amy Beseth, Pride & Joy Doula Services