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Brand IDENTITY Rebrand

Client: Professional Control Corporation

Objective: PCC, Professional Control Corporation is 35+ year old company that was largely known in the Wisconsin and Minnesota manufacturing industry as the leading value-add distributor of Siemens Automation.  As we started to take a look at the logo and how it was being used across digital and print platforms, it was clear we needed to create something that was legible on a small scale, set us ahead of others in the industry and identified PCC as forward thinking in the digital age. 

While the previous logo was just fine and well recognized, we found it was getting lost amongst other distributors and technology partners in the digital age.  Even more so, it was largely looked pixelated and didn't scale on mobile screens because of it's sharp and tiny triangle with small lines. 

Solution: The PCC logo mark combines the traditional PCC triangle with the addition of new sides representing ever changing industry as we move into the digital age and digitization as it relates to manufacturing and automation. It also evokes the shape of a container or box, a packaged solution for End Users and OEMs alike. PCC packages vision, technology and results as a solution for customers.

Previous PCC Logo

Previous PCC Logo