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MAILCHIMP: Does the Perfect Email Template Exist? We Used Data to Find Out.

"What makes good email good?" This question gets asked all of the time, but it never really gets a concrete answer. Best practices float around, but there’s isn’t a hard set of rules that have proven to always be able to create "good" email. Here at MailChimp, we have millions of customers sending billions of emails, and this led me to believe that if anyone could help suss out this secret set of rules, it could be us.

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Mailchimp introduces Facebook Ad Campaigns

A few weeks back Mailchimp announced it's rollout of Facebook Ad Campaigns.  Personally, I am very excited for this new announcement because I believe it will streamline a lot of my client's and my own marketing efforts. I'll be digging into this multi-channel marketing feature right away!  To learn more about setting up your own email and multichannel marketing plan for your business, contact LMC today. 

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What is your email marketing plan?

Email marketing is a key component to business today. There are so many factors involved with creating a comprehensive, well designed and received email marketing plan.  I personally setup my clients with Mailchimp because after a little training and customized design email templates, they can manage their own campaigns or work with me on new ones.  Read this well rounded post by Brandon @ Mailchimp to learn more about email marketing.  Brandon is a writer on MailChimp's marketing team. 

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