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Why having good photography is important for your brand

There is something so off putting about a sophisticated brand pulling stiff stock photos from the early 2000’s with cheesy business meetings or people overly posed. Somewhat worse, I find odd stock graphics that don’t match the brands color scheme or style really can make a brand feel less professional than it really is. Perhaps businesses are in a rush when they need to post a blog, or don’t know what to do about securing photography for a company that isn’t in the creative world. However, there are many solutions to creating a strong and consistent brand presence with good photography.

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Grits & Grids: 3 rules for using typography to create visual tone

Over the past weekend I found myself working on a new brand identity for a client. The brand's new logo is mainly text, so I was looking for the perfect font. I ultimately had to invest in a new font from a well know type foundry.  It was an investment, however having a proper font for a new brand identity is crucial.  While playing around with the branding mood board for my client I came across this great article from Grits and Grids.

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